35 Elm Street
Naugatuck, CT. 06770

Clinical Services

ICES, Inc. specializes in serving pro-social coping skills to individuals with cognitive disorders, mental illness, and those who are forensically involved. During our years of service we have been extremely successful in decreasing challenging behaviors, while providing support to promote independence.

ICES, Inc. offers a broad range of affordable, clinical, behavioral health services to individuals and families in a comfortable, convenient and private setting at 35 Elm Street, Naugatuck, Conn. One of the community’s newest and most innovative outpatient clinical providers, ICES, Inc. offers rapid intake with little or no wait time for group, individual, family therapy and consolations. Appointments are available days, evenings and weekends.

We provide the following services:

  • Psychotherapy / Psychiatric Services
  • Behavioral Intervention Services
  • Case Management /Self Determination
  • FBS
  • Autism

Psychotherapy/Psychiatric Services

ICES, Inc. provides psychotherapy and psychiatric services for children and families diagnosed with both developmental disabilities and co-occurring disorders. We also have a consulting psychiatrist, LCSW, MSW and clinicians who work together to provide a continuum of effective therapeutic treatments including; individual, group, and family therapy and medication management. ICES, Inc. also offers programs and individualized treatment plans that specialize in interpersonal relationships, anger management, distress tolerance, psycho-sexual issues, trauma competency, effective communication and social skills training with a focus on emotional wellbeing and pro-social coping.

Initial function assessments utilized by the clinician include, but are not limited to the; CBCL 6-18, The FAST, SIB-R, and Social Skills Rating Scales. The treatment frame work and empirically based models for practice include, but are not limited to: Control Mastery Psychotherapy, Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma Competency, Evidence Based Interventions for ASD individuals, Relapse Prevention and Control Mastery, Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness. A safety and/or crisis plan will be developed and implemented by ICES’ Psychiatrist, LCSW and RN in order to respond effectively and consistently to emergency situations that may unfold. The goal for the safety and crisis plans is utilized to decrease or prevent any unnecessary emergency room visits and police involvement.

Behavior Intervention Services

ICES, Inc. provides behavioral intervention services to assist individuals in need of behavior management, increasing adaptive coping and daily living skills. Comprehensive assessments, individually designed positive behavior support plans, ongoing data analysis, evaluation and discharge planning serves as the foundation of our continuum of behavior support services.

Case Management/Self Determination Services:

The experienced human service professionals are dedicated to help individuals and families access the community’s full range of resources. ICES, Inc. offers self-determination support and advocacy for children and adults in multiple areas, from education and job training to residential, vocational, financial and medical supports. Our clinical team and Direct Support Professional include experienced advocates with extensive understanding of the human service systems and resource in Connecticut.

  • Coordination of Services-Assisting and/or providing coordination of services for families and agencies, before, during, and after referral/placement. In addition, we design and easy audit process for Case Manager/Social Worker in conjunction with existing systems.
  • Advocacy-In keeping with this contractor’s mission, our focus is always on the individual and families we serve. Assisting in obtaining and understanding all of the information and services available are incorporated in care plan. In addition, we support and inform individuals about their rights too, and provision of these services.

Family Behavior Support Programs (FBS)

ICES, Inc. is committed to building stronger families and nurturing home environments for individuals with complex social, psychiatric, psychological and or behavioral needs. The Family Behavior Support Program is a unique program to access and treat the behavioral needs of individuals with highly aggressive behaviors, dually diagnosed and developmentally disabled children. The process begins with a detailed assessment at intake, followed by extensive therapeutic interventions, leading up to discharge plan. Our team also offers parents training and support to promote appropriate alternatives for maladaptive behavior through the use of positive behavioral supports, as well as effective adaptive strategies to create safer and more functional home environments, when reunification is planned.


The professional at ICES, Inc. understand the key features of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD’s), and understand the symptoms presented at different ages and levels of functioning. We can provide assessments and develop individualized programs that are evidence based, by creating change in behavior through utilization of specific motivators, preferences, characteristics and situations, based upon client needs and level of functioning. Evidence Based Instruction practices include social stories, token systems, social rewards and positive behavioral support plans and are used to increase communication capabilities, social skills training/functioning and self-regulation. Interventions are focus on increasing positive, pro-social behaviors verses behavior reduction, increasing involvement in activities through skill building and reinforcements and teaching more adaptive ways of coping.

Children with ASDs grow up to be adults with ASDs, although behavior and skills may change over time. Independent living is achievable for some individuals with ASDs. However, many require support and advocacy throughout adult like.

ASDs Services provided through ICES, Inc. include:

  • Training & Consultancy
  • Residential Placement
  • School Support
  • Day Options/After School Support
  • Employment Services
  • Family Services
  • Community Participation
  • Respite Services
  • Information Services

Parents of children with these conditions will be supported so they remain hopeful and understanding that Autism recovery is a possibility. This support not only helps parents to remain focused and inspired, it will also help them to effectively utilize techniques needed to become the greatest resource their child has.

  • Training for co-workers at job site for assisting people with developmental disabilities (stipend program). This increases independence while saving community resources.
  • Training and support in using existing public transportation, developing proper safety skills on buses or transportation.
  • Provides training for the Parents, Teacher, Professionals, Para Professionals, in working with individuals with behavioral challenges.
  • Employee Support

Assessment and Evaluation

On-site evaluations and assessments are used to identify and secure job placements compatible with each individual’s personal interests, abilities and ambition. Ongoing assessments and evaluations enable our direct support professional and clinical team, to adjust programs and support as needed to address individual’s changing needs, interests.

Job Coach and Supervision

This contractor maintains cooperative relationships with diverse employers who provide meaningful community job opportunities for individuals with broad interests. On-site training job coaches and supervisors in diverse settings that include retail and service industries are provided. Our DSP’s also provide training and support to help individuals utilize ancillary resources, such as public transportation and community-based education opportunities for workplace success.