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Residential Services

ICES Inc. maintains residential facilities throughout Connecticut that includes licensed Community Living Arrangements (CLA), Continuous Residential Services (CRS) and Supportive Living Arrangement (SL). Our direct support professionals work closely with clients, families, and case managers from the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to create placements with optimal access to all necessary resources. Our direct support professionals provide supervision and support as needed to foster independence, respect, privacy, safety and meaningful opportunities of all individuals.

The goal of our residential services is to provide individuals with a stable, supportive residential placement, within the community, while developing social, educational/vocational, and independent skills. This goal is identified by using a functional assessment and other empirically based tools of behavior and adaptive living skills, to help each individual reach their full potential.

Our individuals will benefit from structured, organized, and productive programs that concentrates on training interventions and learning opportunities designed to promote independence, personal responsibility, work productivity, and appropriate socialization.

Every opportunity is accompanied by learning therefore most of their time throughout the day is organized and structured, based on the needs and preferences of the individual. A daily schedule is developed with the individual to ensure their active participation in home and preferred community events. An optimal placement will be located in the identified area to allow the individual the most independence while keeping in proximity to existing supports. Social and leisure skills would be taught and incorporated into their daily routine. Social skills training, social communication, behavioral/ psychotherapy intervention training, trauma focused treatment and a range of adaptive skills will encompass the core of the program. The individual requires a home setting that can ensure safety and well-being, yet provide adequate freedom to exercise, explore and learn. Each individual will be assessed and a comprehensive positive behavioral support plan will be developed and implemented for each individual served. The plan is prepared from an evaluative summary from all of the assessment tools and interventions utilized. All of the assessment tools used by this contractor are validated and empirically based. The plan will form the basis for identifying strengths, clinical, pro-social techniques and facilitative needs.

Community Living Arrangements

Community Living Arrangements are safe, habilitative residences for individuals who require daily support. The skilled direct support professionals at ICES, Inc. provides daily life skills and health and medical assistance in safe and enriching home environments. A planning support team works closely with case managers from the Department of Developmental Services, Department of Children and Families and Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services· from the Department of Children and Families to develop and implement individualized residential programs for personal success.

Supervised Living Arrangements/Continuous Residential Services (CRS)

Supervised Living Arrangements and Continuous Residential Supports are available in homes and apartments for adults and children. Our planning support team offer support and assistance to help individuals live as independently as possible. Clinical support, behavioral support and medical assistance are available to meet specific and changing needs of each individual.

Respite Care

ICES Inc. provides safe respite care to assist biological, adoptive, foster parents, community training home providers and independent families. Respite care is available in private homes and licensed residences owned by ICES Inc. Our fully bonded direct support professional are highly trained and respectful of each family’s needs and confidentiality.

Emergency Placement

ICES Inc. offers 24-hour emergency placements for adults and children. Our highly trained direct support professionals offer immediate and intensive behavioral intervention and support in residential settings that are comfortable and safe. The ICES crisis team understands the need for immediate attention in a crisis situation and responds promptly. The objective of the emergency placement is to provide a secure and safe environment until the planning support team determines permanency placement.