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Vocational Services

ICES, Inc. specializes in securing meaningful community-based employment opportunities with the potential to earn the Connecticut state minimum wages or more, for individuals of all strengths and abilities. ICES, Inc. direct support specialist provides training and support to help individuals utilize ancillary resources, such as public transportation and community-based education opportunities for workplace success. ICES, Inc. direct support specialist work cooperatively with employers and community resource providers to help individuals succeed with great potential for personal growth, independence, satisfaction and productivity.

Assessment and Evaluation

ICES, Inc. offers on-site evaluations and assessments to identify and secure job placements compatible with each individual’s personal interests, abilities and ambition. Ongoing assessments and evaluations enable our direct support professionals to adjust programs and supports as needed to address individuals’ changing needs, interests.

Support and Supervision

ICES, Inc. maintains cooperative relationships with diverse employers who provide meaningful community job opportunities for individuals with broad interests. ICES, Inc. provides on-site training, job coaches and supervisors in diverse settings that include retail and service industries. Our direct support specialists also provide training and support to help individuals utilize ancillary resources, such as public transportation and community-based education opportunities for workplace success.


ICES, Inc. provides vocational training to help individuals develop a variety of marketable skills. Our direct support professionals offer hands-on education and learning opportunities in general maintenance, lawn maintenance, housecleaning, retail, secretarial, reception work and more.

Employer Supports

ICES, Inc. specializes in the creation of job opportunities that benefit both employers and employees. ICES, Inc. offers on-site job coaches and supervisors as needed at no cost to the employers. In addition to on-going day-today training, our team of direct support professionals coordinates all documentation required by the employer, funding agencies and federal tax agencies.

ICES, Inc. continually explores new opportunities to expand through job development with programs such as: EBay, landscaping, house keeping, career services, retail stocking, and food service preparation and delivery. With diverse employers such as: BJ’s, Wal-Mart, Stop & Shop, Nardelli’s, Big Y, Pizza Hut, Friendly’s, Waterbury Country Club, and the Southbury Heritage Inn.


ICES, Inc. professionals understand the key features of ASD’s and understands the symptoms presented at different ages and levels of functioning. We can provide assessments and develop individualized programs that are evidence based, by creating change in behavior through utilization of specific motivators, preferences, characteristics and situations, based upon client needs and level of functioning. Evidence Based Instruction practices include social stories, token systems, social rewards and Positive Behavioral Supports and are used to increase communication capabilities, social skills training/functioning and self regulation. ICES, Inc. is dedicated to developing interventions that focus on increasing positive, pro-social behaviors verses behavior reduction, increasing involvement in activities through skill building and reinforcements and teaching more adaptive ways of coping.· The enduring results include; increasing communication skills, expanding social interactions and areas of interest, and increased capabilities to cope or overcome everyday challenges.

Children with ASDs grow up to be adults with ASDs, although behavior and skills may change over time. Independent living is achievable for some individuals with ASDs. However, many require support and advocacy throughout adult life.

ASDs Services provided through ICES, Inc include;

  • Training & Consultancy
  • Residential Placement
  • School Support
  • Day Options/After School Support
  • Employment Services
  • Family Services
  • Community Participation
  • Respite Services
  • Information Services

Parents of children with these conditions will be supported so they remain hopeful and understanding that Autism recovery is a possibility. This support not only helps parents to remain focused and inspired, it will also help them to effectively utilize techniques needed to become the greatest resource their child has.

Educational Support Services

ICES, Inc. provides experienced and trained direct support professionals to develop and implement the supports children and adolescents need to succeed in school. ICES, Inc. provides training for school personnel, tutorial assistance and aides to address specialized needs outlined in Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), particularly behavioral, physical and other non-instructional supports.